Peacemaker ADR Program

Creating Win-Win Solutions !

In all organizations there are occurrences of disagreements and tensions amongst members. When these occurrences are not effectively addressed, they usually escalate to
antagonism and hostility; consequently team cohesion and productivity are negatively affected. Effective management of conflicts and disputes is critical for organizations to
meet performance targets and satisfy customers.

Embracing a proactive approach to conflict resolution becomes imperative, moving away from costly litigation towards transformative solutions rooted in altruistic principles. In this exploration, we delve into the profound impact of integrating three foundational principles:

  • The Principle of Natural Justice -Ensuring Fair and Impartial  Processes & Procedures,
  • The Golden Rule – Ensuring Appropriate Outcomes
  • Crystalizing Intent- Cultivating Win-Win Solutions

Through this holistic approach, the Peacemaker Program not only fosters harmonious relationships but also yields tangible organizational and societal benefits.

This program is applicable in interpersonal, domestic, community and corporate conflict scenarios. The program can be delivered through conventional methods or online facilitation and coaching.

Objectives: promoting Win/Win solutions to disputes and maintaining healthy relationships:
Through an interactive systemic approach participants will:
• Learn about the causes of conflict and disputes
• Learn to define and identify different types of disputes.
• Learn to identify the root-cause of a conflict
• Learn about Escalation and De-escalation.
• Learn Why people resort to violence.
• Learn to establish a common perspective on the issue of conflict.
• Learn to identify appropriate solution options

Organizational leaders applying learned techniques would realize:
• Quicker resolutions to disputes and conflicts.
• Better employee/employer and employee/employee relationships.
• Improved productivity
• Reduction in absenteeism
• Improved Industrial Relations (IR)
• Reduction in IR costs

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