We base our leadership development on a 3Q Model.

IQ (Mental Intelligence): Focusing on the development and application of Critical Thinking Skills in decision making and problem solving.


EQ (Emotional Intelligence): Focusing on improving our understanding of our emotions, and of those we interact with; so we can better control  adverse outcomes brought about by conflict.


SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) : Focusing on aligning our core values and beliefs, with our behaviors and decisions. Improves our ability to “do the  right thing”, under any circumstances.


Given the continued growth of global social unrest, political divide, and system failures, we need new models of governance and leadership. We must develop and implement new leadership skill sets and methods that will earn the trust and cooperation of the people.

To move the people in the right direction leaders must abandon current models that promote division and inequity. They must demonstrate the ability to take unified (non-partisan) positions, solve problems, and make decisions that are in the interest of the greater good. The application of EQ, SQ and Decision Engineering Techniques would contribute to improved leadership models.



Leading the Change is an advocacy program for the adoption and integration of Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) into private and public sector organizations and institutions, and the promotion of sustainability best practices. The program is supported by a book of the same title “Leading the Change” and the Advoc8 4 Change website.



  • Establish Environmental Sustainability as the number one priority and consideration in all developmental, transformational, and strategic interventions.
  • Elevate “Sustainability Consciousness” amongst current Corporate and Government leaders.
  • Promote the adoption and implementation of established sustainability best-practices.
  • Contribute to the development of a new generation of socially and environmentally conscious global leaders.
  • Neutralize the ongoing denial of climate change, and the resistance to systems transformation.



Collaboration. Success of this initiative is heavily dependent on the support and participation of the broader sustainability community. Establishing a network of collaborators amongst sustainability advocates and organizations is essential at this point.

Program content will be delivered via three formats:

  • Live and virtual Sustainability training programs, tailored to the needs of the client or audience.
  • SDG information and best practices shared on Advoc84change social media platforms through articles, videos, podcasts, and live stream events.
  • Hosting and facilitating Sustainability theme special-events, such as conferences, debates, rallies, fundraisers, and webinars.



Sustainability Leadership/Advocacy Training

  • What are the 17 SDGs?
  • Understanding the interrelationships of the 17 SDGs.
  • Elevating SDG, Environmental and Social consciousness.
  • Identifying the SDGs that are priority for your organization/community.
  • Developing SDG focused strategic and transformation plans.
  • Identifying existing SDG best practices for adoption.
  • Identifying and neutralizing resistance to change.
  • Achieving compliance with SDG oriented policies and regulations.


Raising Awareness & Networking

  • Sharing information on the existential threats faced by human beings.
  • Understanding the root causes of these threats.
  • Understanding the interconnectivity of sustainability, governance, economic and social issues.
  • Sharing global sustainability best practices
  • Facilitating the difficult discissions around social justice and sustainability.




  • Honesty, and Integrity
  • Equal Access, Opportunity, and Justice for all
  • Rationally and Morally guided Decision Making
  • Mutual Respect
  • Continuous Learning and Growth
  • People before Profit.
  • Do the Right Thing the Right Way.
Sharing is Caring!