What is Sustainability?

The term “Sustainability” refers to the ability of our environment and social structures to sustain human life. It covers a broad range of issues that impact the condition of our environment and the quality of life for human beings including, environmental protection, human rights and justice, and global economic and governance systems. We are already experiencing the catastrophic impact of environmental abuse across the globe, and we must act now..

Our Responsibility

As custodians of the planet and each other’s keepers we have the responsibilities of, efficiently managing the world’s resources, implementing governance policies that ensure sustainability, and contributing to a reasonable quality of life for our fellow human beings. The Sustainability of our Environment is critical to the survival of our species, so it must be the primary strategic objective of all leaders and entities moving forward; or we are all guilty of exterminating not only our own species but every other species on the planet.

Another Passionate Plea for Action!

In this passionate speech, Antonio Guterres Secretary General of The United Nations once again makes a plea for leaders to take meaningful action on Climate Change and other Sustainability issues. He expresses the urgency of our situation and the need to take immediate action.

Scientists and activists have been calling for action on Global Warming for over 50 years, and our Political and Industry leaders continue to respond at a snail’s pace, while environmental degradation is compounding by the minute.

“We have no more time for Denial, Apathy, Green Washing, or Band-Aid Solutions”.

Are we prepared to destroy our planet and condemn future generations to an environmental hell, because we are too selfish and greedy to make the changes necessary to achieve sustainable and peaceful societies? Or do our leaders lack the mental capacity to make a choice that is both sensible and morally responsible?


The two biggest challenges facing government and business leaders today are:

  1. How to integrate effective sustainability aligned policies and practices, and maintain financial viability at the same time.
  2. How to identify the ideal sustainability solution for implementation in their specific arena.
The solutions to these challenges require that we assess socioeconomic issues from a new perspective, and change the hierarchy of priorities to People -Planet- Prosperity.



UN Agreement on Environment

In 2015 the United Nations ratified a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that could guide the development of a global plan, and serve as a guide for national, community, and organizational change initiatives.


This framework, developed by a group of scientists of the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University, measures the sustainability of the planet in 9 areas, and highlights the areas in which have already gone beyond the threshold of sustainability in orange.   


These videos and articles will provide some perspectives from which we can begin the discussion on the delicate and complex relationship of Sustainability, Politics and Business.


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