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The Great Reset The Future of Economics

The World Economic Forum (WEF), is the most influential organization on global development. The organization is run by some of the richest individuals, and owners of the largest corporations in the world; and they meet frequently to shape global economic policy and systems.

The latest systemic model introduced by the WEF “The Great Reset”, will shape the future of global economics and business; and impact the quality of life of every human being on the planet.  The question is, will that quality of life be better or worse. Here if some information and opinion clips on The Great Reset.

Klaus Schwab head of the WEF lays out the main objectives of the Great Reset.

The ideological objectives expressed are exactly what is required for the betterment of humanity. However this organization has never demonstrated the ability to act in the interest of (all of) humanity or global sustainability. What has changed?

The World Economic Forum on the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) of government crypto.

This clip raises the very important point; that the solution to our economic systemic crisis, threatens the very industry that is responsible for implementation, of said solution.

This clip points out one of the most important factors impacting  our global situation: Isolated advocacy and  the “Special Interest” concept.  We must come to realize that all the macro risks and issues impact each other.

Only through a holistic,  collective and human oriented approach to addressing the issues of:  Climate Change, Social Justice, Basic Human Rights, Economics, Pandemics and International Disputes; can we survive.

Klaus Schwab

In this clip Schwab acknowledges the need for a change in mindset with regard to our approach to economics. This is a fact; it is also the greatest challenge to this or any change initiative. We have operated on this socio-economic model for over 500 years and all the members of the WEF became rich from that model. Where is the incentive to change? 

The eventual outcome of the great reset will ultimately be dependent on three factors: Intent, Integrity, and Integration.

The Great Reset ?

If the senior players in the WEF sincerely intend to create a socio economic as described by Schwab, then they will have the integrity needed to outlast the extreme resistance and temptations they will face; as many try hold on to the status quo.  The effective integration of  transformational solutions will be key. This exercise could easily be used to introduce a dystopian oppressive future; if the true intent is not as described.

Zeitgeist – Moving Forward  Peter Joseph

This documentary  presents  an in-depth critique of  our economic system.  This clip highlights the paradigm shift that is required if “The Great  Reset” is going to be a vehicle for positive global change.

The Critical Issues

Sir David Attenborough

COP26 climate summit in Glasgow

Gregg Braden

Shattering Historical Paradigm… the Big Questions about Human Origins. Why we need to change our leadership paradigm.

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin |

Award Winning Documentary on the new global economic plan introduced by WEF

Noam Chomsky

 How our Capitalist system really works, and the long term impact on humanity.

Mia Mottley, P.M. of Barbados  

The impact of leadership choices on developing countries.

Google A.I. “LAMDA” becoming self aware.

Clip from an Interview with a self aware A.I. (female voice)

Solution Options

Bloomberg Quicktake

Blockchain Could Change A $50 Trillion Industry. Detailed explanation on blockchain and example of it’s potential. 

Aaron Adke

A definition and perspective  of Spiritual Intelligence.

Sustainable Human

Why We Need To Change The System.

Why Systemic change is necessary.

Albert Einstein

One evil person can’t destroy the world. We help by doing nothing.


Evil in born of Ignorance. 


Beware of leaders that crave Power.

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