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Why should you support A4C by wearing and selling our brand?

To put it simply, we are doing good work and need your help.

The name Advocate for Change speaks for itself. We are advocates for positive changes that will improve the Quality of Life for human beings and the Sustainability of our Planet.

 The logo captures the ideologies that must be embraced if we are to achieve Sustainability: Peace, Justice and Equity.

It also illustrates the three elements of ESG (Environment, Social, and Corporate Governance) recently adopted for corporate sustainability transformation, although the logo was commissioned 20 years ago, long before ESG was introduced as a transformation concept.

  • The Circular shape is representative of the Earth.
  • The Yin & Yang symbol addresses the Environmental aspect of ESG. Reflecting the harmonious relationships between conflicting forces that must exist, if we are to achieve the Global level of Collaboration and Cooperation required for us to have any measure of success in addressing environmental threats.
  • The Scales of Justice address the Social aspect of ESG. Illustrating the importance of Justice Systems with Integrity, which make fair and impartial decisions, devoid of prejudice or favor.
  • The Dollar Signs placed on the scales of Justice address the third aspect of ESG Governance/Economics. This placement illustrates a fair and equitable distribution of wealth, that is ensured by effective and impartial Justice and Governance systems.

This logo was commissioned in 2003, long before the acronym ESG was even conceived. The interdependence on these three areas for the sustainability of human existence was very apparent even then. However, even today when the evidence that change is needed in these 3 areas is not debatable, there is unrelenting denial and resistance to any change in the two areas that are the root causes of all our issues. Our Global Dispute Resolution Model leads to Wars and oppression; and our Global Financial/Economic Model contributes to inequity, poverty, and suffering of millions of people.

Although we all know that all 3 areas must be addressed to achieve any measure of sustainability, on a Global level, we are still dragging our feet on any meaningful change in the Social and Governance areas, so the resources and commitment needed to effectively address our Environmental is simply not there. Lots of talk and slogans and models but no action. The clock is ticking!

A4c is about confronting leadership mindset challenges and promoting solution best practices.

By supporting our brand, you will demonstrate a full understanding of our reality, and support the changes we all must make if we want to save our planet.

Please visit our website for more information on Sustainability Social Justice and related issues.  You can support us by purchasing branded apparel from our online store or donating. Donors of $20.00 or more can claim a free e-copy of “Leading the Change” by Mark Redman founder of A4C by just leaving a note “Please send my free e-copy of Leading the Change” and your email address.

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