Leading the Change: Effective Transformation Leadership


🌍In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, we see a rise in global conflict, while a wave of unprecedented climate disasters wreaks havoc and displaces millions of people around the world.

📚In this book, Mark Redman, an experienced change management consultant, uses the global existential threats we face as a case study on Transformational Leadership and covers all the steps, topics, and considerations related to Change Projects and Initiatives.

💡 Leading the Change clarifies the global Big Picture issues, identifies the Root Causes, and presents best practice solutions for consideration. 

The book explains the complex convergence  of Social,  Economic, and Political issues that ushered in our current state of Environmental Instability,

🌿The roles and responsibilities of governments, and corporate leaders in satisfying the calls for change.

📚 The information shared would be helpful to: Individuals trying to understand our global situation, Advocates promoting responsible leadership and justice, and Businesses or Organization leaders implementing change initiatives.


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