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Elevating Leadership Consciousness

Albert Einstein's profound insight underscores the critical importance of elevating our collective consciousness to effectively address the myriad challenges confronting humanity....Read more

Institutional Integrity

Institutional Integrity is one of the fundamental pillars upon which our collective future rests. At the heart of (SDG) #16 lies a profound acknowledgment: without Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, our journey towards a sustainable future remains in deep peril....Read more

Revolutionizing Conflict Management

Unresolved disputes exact a heavy toll; effective conflict management is essential to any functional society or organization. We must embrace a proactive approach to conflict resolution, moving away from divisive models and towards transformative solutions rooted in altruistic principles... Read more

Transformative Leadership

Our World is in Crisis! Our Environmental, Economic, and Social systems are teetering on the brink of collapse, and the pivotal role of Leadership cannot be overstated.. Read more

Embracing Sustainable Principles

In a world teetering on the brink of environmental, social, and economic crises, the urgency for integrating sustainable principles into our core systems has never been more pressing...Read more

Economic Transformation

As we face a barrage of environmental, social, and economic crises, the urgency for integrating sustainable principles into our core systems has never been more pressing...Read more

The Feasibility of Sustainability

Escalating fossil fuels investments, wars, and divisive politics bring "The Feasibility of our Sustainability” into question.  ... Read more.

The Complextity of Leadership

In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership, the need for a paradigm shift has become increasingly evident.... Read More

Are We Beyond Repair?

A recent study by Professor Ryan Katz-Rosene sheds light on the disparity of opinions regarding Climate Change and highlights the primary obstacle to our Sustainability efforts. Read more.

The Big Picture

The first step to resolving any problem is being aware of the problem, and understanding the scope and scale of the problem.  "The Big Picture". This thread of quotes from notable sources spells out the Big Picture on Sustainability.

The Key Issues


The next generation of leaders will determine the fate of Humanity. In the last hundred years the leaders of Industry and Politics have accelerated the developmental process of humanity and made tremendous strides in science and technology. However the same leadership model has lead led us to the brink of self destruction. We must change our leadership mindset and model if we are to survive as a species.
Promoting Conscious Leadership is our primary focus.

Climate & Environment

The effects of Climate Change and Environmental Erosion are widely considered the biggest current threats to humanity's survival. We must face this reality, and immediately implement the systemic, changes required to repair the damage, that we can. And create a model for globally sustainability through effective resource management and distribution.

Economic Inequity

Our Economic Systems are both morally and logically flawed. The current system has led to excessive consumption, environmental degradation, gross inequity and social unrest. The current oil based-fiat system is unsustainable and leading us to extinction. We must begin the process of introducing a fair, equitable and all inclusive economic system.

Justice Systems

Effective Justice Systems are the backbone of any functional society. We look at the best and worst practices of our Justice Systems, analyze the root causes and practices that lead to injustice, and explore strategies for promoting fair and impartial justice systems.

Social Justice

Understanding that Justice is a principle that cannot be conditional on personal biases or tribal views; is essential to achieving fair peaceful and sustainable societies. Social Justice can only be achieved if those of us fighting for justice, recognize that "the right thing" is "the right thing for all". Social Justice can only be achieved through all inclusive, non-partisan, unbiased, policies, decisions and behaviors.

Education & Employment

Our education systems determine the capability and growth of all nations; and our employment relationships determine the quality of life citizens enjoy. When either of these sectors of society are exclusionary, biased or corrupt, it robs a nation of some of it's best human resources, promotes divisive caste systems, and eventual social unrest. We advocate for fair and equitable Education and Employment Policies and Practices.

Humanitarian Victory!

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