Are We


Beyond Repair?

A recent study by Professor Ryan Katz-Rosene sheds light on the disparity of opinions regarding Climate Change and highlights the primary obstacle to our Sustainability efforts.

While scientific consensus on global warming is nearly universal, the public’s views are extremely fragmented; and similar disparities are evident in our global leadership community.

The key takeaway from the report is our collective response to the field of science, on the subject of climate change.

The research shows that 97% of scientists agree that human activity is warming the planet, and the physical evidence of this is overwhelming as we experience ever-increasing extreme weather events.

The study shows that only 57% of participants express concern or alarm about climate change, while 43% remain doubtful or dismissive.

It is also consensus, that global collaboration and cooperation on the issue of Sustainability is our only chance at survival. We need 100% of every community, organization, and nation moving in the same direction on this specific issue.

The urgency of our situation cannot be overstated, and these disparities hinder our ability to collaborate on global solutions. The current climate of international conflict and polarization is certainly not helping things.

There are three major contributors to this incongruous response:

  1. The absence of Institutional Integrity in our media industry. Partisan news platforms prioritize profit and political affiliation over truth; presenting biased narratives that deepen societal divisions.


  1. Our Divisive Political Systems and the polarizing ideologies they promote, and


  1. Our tendency to seek out and acknowledge only information that resonates with our personal preferences. This practice of confirmation bias can further entrench us in our respective tribal views and hinder objective judgment.


Addressing climate change requires acknowledging the flaws in our social systems without blame, fault, or guilt; and accepting the fact that we have to change.

This is a daunting prospect for many. However, the urgency of this situation demands an appropriate response. We must overcome these divisions and work together on a global scale.

Leaders must commit to the delivery of the social contract, embrace sustainable principles, and prioritize environmental and resource conservation.

We must embrace a global moral agenda, leveraging our collective skills and knowledge for the greater good; and prioritize making informed decision-making based on credible, verified information.

   There is no “Left and Right” in Decision Making only “Right and Wrong.”

Let us rise above partisan divides and unite for the preservation of our planet and future generations.

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